About Us

Rick Eldridge

C.E.O. and Co Owner

With over 30 years in the entertainment business as a musician, producer, director and entrepreneur: Rick Eldridge knows how to make projects happen. Whether sports programming, live production, animated series or feature films, Eldridge has been involved in every facet of creative development and production management in the entertainment industry. His resume is a road map to an extraordinary career that includes the best and most respected names in the industry: Universal, Disney, and ESPN, to name a few.

Eldridge is presently working on a sequel for "The Ultimate Gift" called "The Ultimate Life" as well as an animated theatrical feature of his "HERMIE" series. Currently Eldridge is President/CEO of ReelWorks Studios a multifaceted film/video post-production company in Charlotte, NC. Under the same roof is GlueWorks Creative Management, an animation company prized with numerous awards of excellence for projects such as Hermie & Friends, Gigi, The Pond and On the Farm.

Eldridge is an active member of the following boards: Officer of the board of trustees for Brevard College in Brevard, NC, Advisor board for the communications major at Queens University in Charlotte, NC, Advisor board for the film graduate program at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, Founding board member of Compass Film Academy in Grand Rapids, MI, Member of the board of directors for HEARTLAND Film Festival in Indianapolis, IN, Member of the board of directors for Media Fellowship International in Los Angeles, CA, Member of the counsel of elders for Forrest Hill Church in Charlotte, NC.

His creative vision has led to his involvement in numerous projects including:

* The Ultimate Gift (feature film)
* Bobby Jones – Stroke Of Genius (feature film)
* Hermie & Friends (animated series)
* Gigi (animated series)
* Struggle and Triumph (2008 Olympic feature)
* The Prize (World Cup Soccer TV special)
* The Perfect Game (feature film)
* Running The Sahara (feature documentary)


ReelWorks Studios, LLC was founded in August of 2009. Rick Eldridge has been in the entertainment business for over 30 years as a producer, director, musician, and creative visionary.